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New Year’s Eve at Murakami caters to the spectacle of the occasion, and the £56 and £35 set menus is a performance in itself.

A performance of compelling flavours presented in the restaurants unique set of £56 lush vegetation, exposed girders and clean lines. Curtains open to reveal Yellowtail Caviar with Umami Jelly, Quail Egg and Yuzu Garlic Sauce, and after a large round of applause it’s time for the main act. Correction, main acts, as diners will have to choose their star of the show, whether that be Lobster and Foie Gras with Baby Asparagus or Wagyu with Fresh Truffles and Lettuce Leaves Salad.

Set of £35 present by Salmon Tartare Caviar, then pair of options: Grilled Scallop with Cassava Coconut Puree; and Beef Fillet with Button Mushrooms, Asparagus and mashed potato with truffle. The assortment of Japanese flavours dessert (matcha and blueberry cheesecake, mochi) for dessert perfectly rounds up proceedings.

In an open kitchen, the Chef doesn’t hide backstage, and his presence is felt even more keenly in the final scene, in which dessert is left to up to him. There is no dress rehearsal for New Year’s Eve, so let Murakami put a smile on your face for 2017.

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